Many of our woodworking industry clients grapple with the capital investment required to purchase a turnkey lumber drying system. For years, we have seen many people resort to third-party companies for lumber drying services only to be disappointed. It is a harsh reality to find out that after months of drying your material fails to meet expectations in terms of appearance and quality. This aside, the costs to move material between locations can be considerably high – a factor not often considered by those seeking this service.

A turnkey solution, although sometimes costly, can drastically improve your result because it is being monitored by someone who cares – YOU. Contrary to the beliefs of many, turnkey does not always mean that the support stops at the end of kiln construction. Many of these kiln drying systems offer easy-to-understand troubleshooting support as well as technical support by phone. Finding the right turnkey system for you means that you can have peace of mind knowing that you are in control of your results.

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