How It Works

Innovative technology saves money on power costs and limits lumber degrade.

Nova Dry Kilns reduces energy costs and lumber degrade through innovative technology:

  • Thermal blanket from heated floors
  • Fans that do not reverse rewetting the lumber surface
  • Moisture is not re-introduced into the drying chamber for humidity control or conditioning
  • Aluminum-lined walls for superb protection

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The Quest for the Perfect Kiln (PDF 78KB)

Kiln Configuration

  1. The recommended drying schedules for our kilns utilize a chamber temperature of 90°F to 140°F. The chamber temperature can go as high as 160°F for the purpose of setting the pitch in softwoods.
  2. Moisture is removed from the chamber using our unique Single- or Dual-Powered Variable Exhaust System which, used in conjunction with our schedules, constantly vents throughout the drying process. This system accurately controls relative humidity levels in the chamber over a broad range.
  3. Chamber air circulation velocities, combined with calibrated constant venting, provide the proper amount of heat transfer – and yet maintain the ability to remove moisture from the surface of the lumber quickly and with very low stress to the wood fiber
  4. 1/8″ aluminum used in conjunction with our sturdy highly insulated SIP panels makes for a very rigid sidewall construction impervious to damage by lumber packets and forklifts.
  5. A small vacuum, or negative pressure, resides in 80% of the chamber that helps to draw moisture from the lumber and assists with the compression of seals and gaskets making for a tight kiln. This feature reduces maintenance requirements.
  6. Using hot water as the energy source for our kilns makes for a lower-maintenance, higher-reliability heating system that does not require meeting any regulatory hurdles.
  7. A tarpaulin-adjustable plenum system assures dry airflow through the lumber pack and not around it, increasing thermal efficiency and decreasing drying time.

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