Large Kilns

18,000-110,000 Board Feet


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Nova Dry Kiln offers a more efficient lumber drying system that results in higher efficiency and higher profit.

At Nova Dry Kiln, we strive to provide a complete drying solution for our primary and secondary woodworking industry clients. Nova’s large kilns range from 18,000 to 110,000 board feet chambers. Our “kinder, gentler” method of drying lumber dramatically reduces the lumber’s degrade and maintains the time parameters of conventional kiln schedules. We have designed our large kilns to surpass new regulations, as well as consumer requirements, for kilns that decrease degrade and reduce waste. This design translates to maximum efficiency and improved financial results for the plant. All Nova kilns are of the highest quality, longevity, and operational economy, plus they are the easiest to use. We can provide turnkey construction services along with startup assistance as part of our overall drying solution. Contact our technical staff today to discuss the best drying solution for your facility!

Large wood drying kiln

Standard Features

  • Timber-Dry Management Control System
  • Top- Hinge door design prevents rolling of door seal
  • Aluminum interior with seals for maximum moisture protection
  • 1/8″ aluminum side wall bumpers
  • G-Rib metal exterior
  • R-Factor 34 pre-insulated panels
  • All Aluminum Circulating fan wall
  • Standard horsepower heat and exhaust
  • Calibrated Powered Variable Exhaust System
  • Adjustable overhead tarp baffle
  • Maximum sustainable kiln temperature of 160°F
  • Normal operating temperature of 90°-140°F (30°-60°C)
  • Access door to inspect the lumber
  • Three phase kiln duty motors
  • Detailed assembly instruction manual
  • Free lifetime technical support


  • Steam to hot water heat exchanger
  • Pallet heat treat controls
  • Network capability for Timber-Dry Management
  • Hot Water Floor Heating System
  • Wood waste, propane or natural gas hot water boiler
  • Boiler connection kit
  • Wood waste automatic feed system
  • Heated control room or basic control room
  • High horsepower heat and exhaust
  • Custom voltages
  • Door opening system with safety chain
  • Indoor installation – eliminates control room and door opening system
  • Construction supervision services
  • Turnkey construction services
  • Start-up services

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