When it comes to industrial manufacturing, efficiency is a key metric used to evaluate the worthiness of a piece of machinery. It is a tale as old as time that if your machinery is running more efficiently, you will have a much lower operating cost. When your system is running 24 hours a day, higher efficiency means more dollars for your bottom line.

In one example, the real profit over a one-year period on 4/4 Red Oak dried from green to a 6% moisture content is nearly 8% of a company’s total profit. In many cases this can leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table over the course of a year.

It is important to be careful when considering which kind of lumber drying system will work best for your business. Many competitive systems can cost as much as 20% higher to operate per board foot and will inevitably contain product rejects – a significant cost after a long period of drying. These product rejects often are due to wide temperature swings which will ultimately stress the wood and cause degrade during the drying process. These problems can be detrimental to your reputation and ultimately your bottom line. Why take the risk?

Consistency is key. Find the right system that uses a gentle and efficient approach. This will guarantee a top dollar product for your customers that has a uniform, bright finish.

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