A kiln essentially consists of a large oven like system that uses dry heat and air circulation to dry wood that can then be converted into finished goods. The kiln works by keeping the temperature, humidity, and air circulation controlled inside the system. This protects the wood products from the elements but also speeds up the natural drying process.

Benefits of kiln dried lumber:

  • Creates a dry and stable wood product
  • Provides drastically a shorter drying time than other methods
  • Easier to control the moisture content
  • Minimizes the defects/flaws in the wood
  • Protects against fungal degradation
  • Gives a temperature above 160 degrees F that hardens soft woods – reducing resin
  • Helps minimize fungi, mold, insects and larvae in the wood
  • Makes furniture light weight by reducing humidity
  • Creates wood that is kiln dried can be finished in a shorter period

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