Designed for woodworkers by woodworkers

Nova Dry Kiln provides lumber dry kilns and pallet heat treating systems that exceed industry standards and achieve the best short- and long-term financial results for our clients.

Nova Dry Kiln large kiln KDK-25EXT installation in Nicaragua

Nova Dry Kiln large kiln KDK-25EXT installation in Nicaragua

For the primary and secondary woodworking industry, we offer medium and large dry kilns that range from 5,500 to 120,000 board feet chambers. For specialty woodworkers, we make smaller kilns in front- and end-loading models.

Brighter lumber means higher sales

Nova Dry Kiln’s innovative technology produces a brighter, higher quality kiln-dried product that will have your customers returning for more. Our method of lumber and wood drying is often contested by our competition, but year after year, we surpass expectations in cost-efficiency and revenues.

Timber dry management controls offer flexibility and ease of use

Kiln operators can make instant changes on the touch-screen interface integrated with each individual kiln. This drying control system uses the exclusive, proven, and cost-saving Nova Dry Kiln technology.

Unparalleled customer service

Nova Dry Kiln offers turnkey construction services along with superior customer service and technical support to ensure the long life of our kilns.

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